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Web Series ‘Rani Ka Raja’ by ‘Kooku Premium’ has crossed one million views


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‘Rani Ka Raja’ Web Series by ‘Kooku Premium’ has been viewed one million plus times by its esteemed subscribers. YouTube trailer views of ‘Rani Ka Raja’ has reached ~ two million. Such huge views are a testimony to the quality of programs Kooku presents to its subscribers. ‘Kooku Premium’, the niche segment of Kooku OTT App, had launched suspense drama ‘Rani Ka Raja’ in December 2020. The four-part series is available on Kooku Web and Kooku OTT App.

Kooku OTT App had created a niche segment ‘Kooku Premium’ in its app, to focus on offering content with top star cast, gripping script and larger than life screenplay. ‘Kooku Premium’ has already launched two suspense dramas ‘Chitthi’ and ‘Anomaly’.
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Date: May 23, 2022

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