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RaJa Ka BaJa (2022) Hindi Chrmsukh



Raja was born with a gift that every midnight he has an erection. This gift soon turns into a curse when he takes help from a transgender, Hillery. This worsens his problems as after this he stops having erection. Now in the pursuit of getting back his gift, Raja entangles himself much more hilariously in bigger tragedy, indirectly or de-erectly.

If we talk about chemistry, then absolutely perfect chemistry is being seen in it, which the audience expects every year. Talking about the main character, Manvi Chugh and Hiral Radadiya are seen in the lead roles. But like every time, this time also it has been relaxed that people above 18 years of age should watch the web Series.

There are some big sites on the internet, with the help of which you can download and watch these web series and also you can watch this web series online with the help of this website but avoid this and go to the official website. Watch all the episodes of this download Raja ka Baja Webseries on the official platform Ullu. Avoid using torrent websites and Telegram to download the latest Primeshots web series.

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Date: May 8, 2022

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