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A decade ago, Mallika Sherawat swaying sensuously to ‘Jalebi Bai’ (‘Double Dhamaal’) became quite popular. Who would’ve guessed then that 10 years later, this song, originally composed and written by Anand Raj Anand and sung by Ritu Pathak, Gorisha Gogoi, would get a super-hit remake by international pop stars Tesher and Jason Derulo.

A good day for Ullu fans because the Ullu app released a trailer and first look of the web series Jalebi Bai. Jalebi Bai web series is a fantasy web series that starts streaming from the 8th of this month. Fans are eagerly waiting for a fascinating web series just because the last web series was not as the subscribers of the Ullu app are expecting. Ullu fans are commenting on social media and threatening Ullu to uninstall the app if they will not release a fantasy web series with B grade story. Ullu app always cares about the subscribers view and announced the date of upcoming web series Jalebi Bai.

The story of the Jalebi Bai revolves around a Kaamwali bai who is beautiful and bold by her look and nature. All the old or young in the house become crazy about its beauty and playfulness. All the family members start to love her and lure her for money to have a relationship with her. If you love this type of story then subscribe to the Ullu app and watch full episodes.

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Disclaimer: This video is just for entertainment purposes, and not to hurt anyone.Please do not take any of the jokes seriously. they donot belong to any individual audience All the characters are imaginary Atlast we want to say. Everything in this film is imaginary. Imaginary because reality is too bitter to be told or shown. Events shown in this film are jokes compared to what has actually been happening in coutries like ours. Video Pasand aaya hai To Subscribe Kr Do Yaar 🥺 please 🙏 #Jalebibaiwebseriestrailerreview #jalebibaiwebseries #Fulloffantasy

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Disclaimer:This video is made for entertainment purpose, not to heart anyone. #jalebibai #webseries #ullu #ulluwebseries #latest #ott #trending #video #hindiwebseries

Date: May 26, 2022

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